2011 was a major turning point in my life. Decided that I should start living a little healthier, stopped smoking and started riding the old mountainbike that had been hanging in my garage for ages. Shortly after I bought my first modern (Merida) hardtail (with disc brakes!) and later that year I attended my first mountainbike course. There I met other MTB enthousiasts which resulted in weekly XC riding groups on saturday and sunday which is still going on untill today.

Over the years I participated in many XC tours around Holland, all pretty flat. The first experience with real mountains was in june 2013 in Neukirchen, Austria. And then I was hooked. Went to the Cevennen in France, did the Grand Tours des Préalpes as well other multi-day tours such as the Coast to Coast in Scotland, Sierra Nevada in Spain and South Island of New Zealand with the most epic trail I’ve ever ridden; the Old Ghost Road.

In the meantime, I got a full suspension bike and started to ride more an more technical trails. Did a few Enduro camps in Arco, Finale Ligure Italy and Innerleithen Scotland. And even completed a mountainbike instructor course.

Although at first I thought that taking a lift or shuttle up the mountains was cheeting, I discovered that I liked being able to ride more trails down. This definitely applies to places such as Fichtelberg in Germany, Nauders in Austria and ofcourse Finale Ligure.

My skepticism towards e-MTB’s faded when I finally figured out that having your own, onboard uplift is really nice and since christmas 2019 I’m the proud owner of a Turbo Levo. For downhill only trips I’m still using my (in the meantime refurbished) 2016 Cube Stereo 160 and you’ll find me on my locals trails on my old, but still very playfull Trek Fuel EX 8.

During my trips I'm meeting a lot of nice people and some of them keep re-appearing on new trips :-)

Happy Trails!